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In this site you’ll get my thoughts on the ton of gear I’ve used, along with everything I’ve learned about spearfishing over the last 30 plus years. Because everyone should have the opportunity to spearfish.

beginners guide to spearfishing equipment

Beginner's guide to spearfishing equipment

I started spearfishing with a pole spear, a mask and a pair of snorkeling fins. These days, I have a lot more spearfishing equipment, but I also catch a lot more fish. For a beginner, the amount of spearfishing gear you need to go spearing…
Guide to spearfishing techniques

Beginner's guide to spearfishing techniques

I've been in an out of the water my entire life. But I've got a problem. When spearfishing with new people I'm often surprised at their lack of experience. Especially with different spearfishing techniques. Sure, they're great in one area.…
Spearfishing safety tips when you're hunting fish in the open ocean

Spearfishing safety. How to avoid a diving disaster.

I've been spearfishing since I was 15 years old, a bronzed little Australian kid running around the beaches with a snorkel and a pole spear. In my time I've done some pretty silly things, and as I learnt more and started pushing my limits more…

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